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I love these BCAA drink powders. I even got my husband to drink them and switch from soda to water, something I never thought was possible.

Great flavor!

I love the TruMe BCAA powders! The pink lemonade is like drinking a real glass of lemonade! I'm not one for flavored waters, but have used pink lemonade, grape, and watermelon all of them are delicious on top of the health benefits.

Awesome taste !

Great product!! Love all the flavors but this is definitely a favorite!

Great product

J drink it everyday

TruMe BCAA - Sour Peach.
Cheryl Thomas


Awesome Flavor!

We love the watermelon and peach but the cherry has become our favorite flavor!

My new fav!

I wasn’t sure about this ginger lime flavor.. Surprisingly,I really love it. Subtle flavor of ginger. Thirst quenching too! I'm not a good water drinker so this really helps me hydrate. I don’t leave home without it.

Tastes good!

Sour Watermelon flavor is good and refreshing!

Great way to hydrate

Love the peach and watermelon. I’m not a good water drinker. TruMe is delicious. I add the above powder to help keep me hydrated and for my workouts. Can’t live without this stuff!

Great products

Great products. Fast service, fast shipping & good packaging. Recommend.

Love the flavour

The pink lemonade is my favorite flavour. It’s a little sweet, so I just had a little lemon juice. I mix it in 20-30 ounces of water. I think it does make my mouth a little dry, I try to drink 128 oz of water daily, so I don’t mind.

TruMe BCAA - Sour Peach.
Christie Nazarenus
Amazing Product!

I mix this with decaf tea. Peach iced tea! It’s tastes great & makes me feel hydrated. I especially like to drink it before a long drive so I don’t feel thirsty. Some bcaa’s are bitter. I like this product a lot. My husband likes it also.

TruMe BCAA - Sour Watermelon
Michelle Sherman
Watermelon flavor is so good!

Sour Peach used to be my absolute favorite, but they ran out a while back and I switched to the Sour Watermelon just to try it out. Now I'm hooked. It is my now my favorite with sour peach as a second. I order them both each time I place an order.

TruMe BCAA - Sour Peach.
Foster Stonesifer

it's all I drink I love the Cherry, Peach, Pink-Lemonade, Watermelon

Great taste

Tastes great. Not sour at all. Good peach flavor.

Great tasting!

Not too sweet, not too sour. Great tasting BCAA!


I love the Sour Peach! It’s really not sour! My favorite but I have only found 1 flavor that I was not impressed with! Great company!

Love it! My favorite flavor.

I love TruMe BCAA! Ever since I’ve started drinking it everyday I feel more energized and I never feel dehydrated anymore. Definitely a customer for life now since it’s a part of my routine and makes me feel so much better. Pink lemonade is my favorite flavor!

Love the flavor

The flavor is good by itself but add a little lemon juice and wow!

TruMe BCAA - Sour Watermelon
Terri Abrahamson

I am using this product instead of Ideal proteins because this has zero carbs and it also taste delicious! I haven’t lost any muscle mass in five months on ideal protein so far and I do weightlifting one day a week, yoga one day a week and long walks or bike rides several days a week. I’ve started using it several times a day to make sure I get enough electrolytes because I drink so much water. So glad I found this product!

Repeat order

I’m not new to this product nor flavor. I make a thermos of it to take with me daily while Line dancing and running errands. I’m pleased to have it in my arsenal of treats for my body. The flavor is refreshing and aids in increased water consumption.


One of my favorites.

Love my Drops

I love the flavored drops! I quit using creamer in my coffee and just use my drops!

Amazing flavor and benefits

I ordered sour watermelon and the cherry blaster to try and neither disappointed. The watermelon is my favorite flavor thus far and I am getting ready to order again. I find that the BCAA's help with energy and also with hunger throughout the day. Would recommend to give it a try.