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TruMe BCAA - Cherry Blaster

Cherry Blaster is the perfect balance of tart and tangy.

Gluten Free, No Calories, Vegan, Natural Flavor. 2:1:1 Ratio, all Natural Branched Chain Amino Acids for Energy, Muscle Building, Post Workout Recovery and Endurance. (30 servings per container)

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Awesome Flavor!

We love the watermelon and peach but the cherry has become our favorite flavor!

Patsy Sowell
Love the flavor

The flavor is good by itself but add a little lemon juice and wow!

Donalie Guin
Repeat order

I’m not new to this product nor flavor. I make a thermos of it to take with me daily while Line dancing and running errands. I’m pleased to have it in my arsenal of treats for my body. The flavor is refreshing and aids in increased water consumption.


One of my favorites.

Marcia Dean
Helps With Nocturnal Cramps

For years I have suffered from nocturnal cramps and have trued everything from pickle juice, to over the counter products, to magnesium pills, to topical magnesium, to potassium, to salt in my water, to muscle relaxants. I’ve seen many doctors and naturopaths. But now I have finally found something to help me and it’s the TruMe drinks. I have a large water bottle with one scoop twice a day and the cramps have stopped. My diet is the same, my activity is the same, I drink the same amount of water but two of the water bottles has TruMe mixed in. I am so thankful to have found this product. After years of very little sleep and a lot of pain, I now sleep like a baby without painful interruption several times a night.